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Investor Services

Investor Services

So, What is an “Investor Friendly” Title Company?

  • This is a main player in your power team. Think about how much you depend on your agent when it comes to timeliness, profit, legalities, connections, trust, etc. I can’t stress how important it is to have a knowledgeable agent with which you build great rapport.

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An investor friendly title company/ closing agent (or attorney in some states) should:

  • Specialize in working with real estate investors to close transactions

  • Have knowledge about wholesaling, double closing (simultaneous), hard money (transactional funding), and other types of transactions

  • Commit to you willingly and be able to meet your demands

  • Be someone you see yourself building rapport with naturally

  • Have solid recommendations/reputation

So, How Do I Find My “Investor Friendly” Title Company? (One thing you should not do is whip out yellow pages)


Find your investor-friendly agent by:

  • Talking to other local investors, especially other active wholesalers for recommendations. 

  • Contact transactional lenders. They have many title companies in all 50 states that they can recommend for double closings

  • Ask for a local referral in any of the wholesaling FB groups

  • Reach out to your local REIA group. Information like this is often advertised in the news letter

  • Network in real estate groups such as found on

So, I have Some Recommendations, What Now?

  • Meet with these closing agents/escrow agent/ title or closing officer and have a casual interview. Shake their hand, get to know them, and just hang-out.

  • Ask potential closing agents:

            Do you work with real estate investors?

            Are you familiar with wholesaling?
            How often have you done double closes?

So, How Do I Know When I Meet the Right Closing Agent?

  • Oh, trust me, you will know when you find “The One.” He/she will have all the right answers to your questions and you will get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Real estate investing although it revolves around property – it is very much a people business.

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