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Construction Engineer

New Construction Services

New Construction Services

Sometimes you just want something "Brand-New", so you may decide to find a piece of land and have that "Brand-New" home built from scratch.  This can be a very fun process......or it can be a nightmare!

Laying Bricks

Your title company should act as an independent set of eyes reviewing the title to the property to ensure that any liens or judgments created by your builder have been satisfied. And a good title insurance company will offer you the legal resources that you'll need before you sign any/all of your rights away.  

TitleCo Title does this and much more.  There are many working parts in this process.  There is choosing the right area or neighborhood.  There is choosing the right builders.  Then there's understanding the process from breaking ground, to inspections and revisions, to draw schedules and various types of construction lending. 


We can help you get the answers to all of these working parts and we offer our experience to help you understand the right questions to ask.

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